Treatment Methods in Chinese Medicine

Treatment Methods in Chinese MedicineSince during the diagnosis, each patient identifies his own unique set of factors that led to the disease, treatment is prescribed strictly individually and comprehensively. Restoring balance in the body, it is necessary to act in several directions, so that all effects are balanced. The main principle is to treat not a disease, but a person.

Among the dozens of methods of Chinese traditional medicine, the following can be distinguished as the most common:

Phytotherapy. Herbal treatment is the basis of any traditional medicine in any part of the world. However, a lot of adaptogen herbs grow in China, which helps increase immunity, regulate blood pressure, normalize blood sugar, and improve metabolism. Such products as motherwort, lemongrass, ginseng, can be purchased in our usual pharmacies. However, in Chinese medicine, complex compositions of medicinal plants are usually made individually for each patient.

Moxotherapy. This is the warming up of acupuncture points with the help of a “coal cone” or “smoldering cylinder” twisted from wormwood and looks like a cigar. Warming up can be carried out by a non-contact “pecking” method — when a cylinder or “cigar” is brought to the skin for a short time, or contact — when they are mounted on the body with the burning end up. The skin at the same time heats up no more than 45 degrees, burns are excluded. The procedure improves blood supply to tissues, it is indicated for skin diseases.

Vacuum Therapy. This is a massage with banks of various diameters, which has successfully migrated from China to modern beauty salons and cosmetology centers. However, in Chinese medicine, it does not have cosmetic goals, it is a massage that acts on the so-called active points of meridians and improves the movement of energy flows. Among other things, his task is to strengthen capillaries, improve blood and lymph circulation, actively remove the end products of metabolism, improve “cellular respiration”, and activate the body’s defenses. Vacuum therapy, according to experts in Chinese medicine, can be used as part of the prevention of infectious diseases.

Massage. Chinese massage, like any other, removes muscle cramps, swelling, activates blood circulation, prevents the development of contractures, stimulates metabolism. His ideology is to act not on the muscles, skin, and joints, but on the meridians along which the Qi energy flows. Massage can be performed with both hands and a special scraper. It is believed that the procedure helps with problems with the respiratory, musculoskeletal, digestive systems.

Acupuncture. This is a technique for influencing the active points of meridians using the thinnest needles. They are introduced to a shallow depth and are almost imperceptible. The procedure does not cause pain, on the contrary, it is often prescribed to combat pain. A positive effect of acupuncture is observed with a number of neurological diseases, pathologies of internal organs, decreased immunity, and metabolic disturbances.

In addition to these methods, you should also not neglect the recommendations for practicing Chinese therapeutic gymnastics and dietary correction. These tips, as a rule, remain relevant even at the end of the course of treatment.

Picture Credit: Pexels