Healthy Diet: What Is It and How to Achieve It

How to start to consolidate the habit of healthy eating?

A healthy diet is not a strict diet or strict dietary restrictions. How to develop the habit of eating right constantly – read below.

Balanced diet: what is it and how to achieve it?

The basic principle of nutrition is not based on strict restrictions on food, but on the contrary on filling your diet with foods necessary for the body.

That is, the balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates must be observed. What matters is the total number of calories and their consumption, adherence to the diet itself. That is, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and between them a snack – a second breakfast and lunch. And, of course, not candy, rolls, or fast food (fast food will have to forget if you want to finally start eating healthier and more rational).

The body mustn’t feel a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements, so to limit yourself to strict diets is just not useful. This is stress for the body. Existing diseases, age, sex, working conditions, body type, and so on are also taken into account.

With proper nutrition, we provide our body with sufficient energy, substances without which it is impossible to regulate metabolic processes and the proper functioning of the intestine.

Therefore, it is important that some eating habits and activities become constant and people do it automatically.

Then you will not stress, do not blame yourself for breaking down again and began to eat harmful foods in large quantities.

Why is it difficult to start eating rationally, what is the main mistake?

Most often, when we start to eat rationally, lose weight and generally lead a healthier lifestyle, we are hindered by a floating diet.

What mistakes do many people? They forget to eat normally at noon, and then eat at night, then blame themselves for overeating and start starving.

It happens that after such a mistake, a person for a week “relaxing” on fried potatoes, sweets, and even alcohol. Then – the pangs of conscience and forcing yourself to eat only vegetables and buckwheat. When this happens regularly, the body experiences tremendous stress, metabolic processes in it are disrupted.

The same with sports: if a person overdoes the load, then he can not get up, quits activity, and after a month of restraint decides to go for a run again or go to the gym. There will be no sense for health from such exercises.

How to start to consolidate the habit of healthy eating?

Of course, some foods will have to give up – but you can replace them with no less delicious, but useful. Start with this:

  1. Eat small portions, but more often. It is very good if you eat 5 times a day, with breaks between meals should be about 3-4 hours.
  2. Avoid situations where hunger becomes very strong. And eat slowly, it is important to chew food carefully.
  3. Do not limit protein foods, protein is the building material for our bodies. Therefore, choose lean meat, fish, seafood.
  4. Red-fried, smoked dishes with lots of butter should be minimized.
  5. The best choice will be stew and bake food. And spices will help to make them tastier.
  6. You need to start eating apples, berries, nuts, dried fruits instead of cookies and candy.
  7. Eat fruits and vegetables of different colors, they are rich in antioxidants and fiber, protect the body from oxidative stress, help the intestines, etc.
  8. If you like bread, then instead of white bread, start eating whole grain cereals.
  9. Eat sweets in the morning and in smaller quantities.

Importantly! Try to stop saving on foods by choosing substitutes. Read the labels, there is a great difference! And it is felt by the body. And don’t forget to drink enough clean water, not just tea and other beverages.

Picture Credit: Pexels