5 Chinese Secrets of Health and Longevity

5 Chinese Secrets of Health and Longevity

Today the market is full of numerous dietary supplements, that promise health. At the same time, the level and range of medical services have grown significantly. Under these conditions, the average life expectancy has increased. However, despite this, a person’s desire for longevity has not disappeared but is manifested increasingly.

So, how we can achieve longevity and maintain good spirits, excellent health, and a clear head until the last days? Juan Liu, doctor of Chinese medicine, nutritionist of the highest category, has revealed five simple secrets of longevity.

Moderate plump physique

The simplest, but most important condition for achieving longevity is the presence of body fat and a somewhat plump physique.

A moderate healthy plump physique leads to ideal health. Women of different age categories should never exhaust themselves with diets in pursuit of lean ideals.

By the way, moderate excess weight does not affect the mortality rate, and obesity increases it by only 20%. Moreover, with age, the effect of excess weight on life expectancy decreases.


Modern medicine claims that temperature is closely related to health, here temperature refers to the air temperature in a room and the temperature of food.

Monitor the temperature at your home, preferably, if it is not higher than 20 degrees. Indeed, it is in such conditions that the resistance of the human body increases, as a result, the immunity of the whole body is strengthened, the quality of sleep improves.

At 17-18 degrees, the aging process slows down in the body, and additional years of life are given to a person!

If at such a temperature it is uncomfortable for you to be constantly, then you need to sleep at least at night in a cool, well-ventilated room. This will not only help you fall asleep better but also prolong your youth.

Light hunger after a meal

After a meal, it is better to stay a little bit hungry, in other words, you need to eat 70% of the allotted portion. The feeling of satiety by 70% gives a person the feeling of that very light hunger, satisfies the body’s physical need for food, and also gives strength, vigor, and a good mood.

Correctly sweat

From a medical point of view, it is known that the effectiveness of exercising depends on whether we sweat because sweating is one of the main ways of excreting fluid from the body. Normal sweating helps to relax muscles and promotes a good mood.

Of course, you can also sweat in the sauna, but sweating during exercise is more effective. Exercise strengthens muscles, makes us breathe deeply and often, saturating the blood and all organs with oxygen. Exercise makes us happier – endorphins are produced.

Keep calm

The experience of Chinese medicine shows that when a person is in a state of anxiety and excitement, his blood pressure rises, and begins the risk of health disorders. Therefore, it is better to be a little “inattentive” to problems and be optimistic about the environment and events, to maintain a good mood, which will make you not only a welcome interlocutor and colleague but also become a guarantee of good health and longevity.

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